We Turn Your Cherished Family Memories
Into a Gift for Future Generations to Experience

Every family has unique memories and stories to be shared…memories to be passed down
from one generation to the next…memories that are a part of who we are and where we have
come from. Those wonderful stories of how mom and dad met, of how grandma and grandpa
lived, what it was like growing up during the war, what it was like being part of a large family.
Those warm memories that you remember being shared around the family dinner table, told by those who experienced them.

But more often than not these cherished recollections become lost due to unforeseen
circumstances. Sadly, with that loss, goes not only the memories but also a little bit of your
family heritage. Now with the aid of modern technology, Living Legacy Recording is able to
preserve these memories and provide you and your loved ones with a specially produced
audio/video archive of your family’s milestones. Think how happy future generations will be
to actually see and hear the stories of your family told in a relaxed manner with the actual
voices of the participants along with pictures or video clips of events!

One Recording...Many Uses

Reasons to consider a Legacy Recording:
• For a family historical archive complete with accompanying video and audio.
• For bringing together family members and sharing the common bond with those too
far away to actually experience them.
• To help bring a sense of closure or healing.

What You Can Expect

After you arrange a date and time with our receptionist you’ll receive a written
confirmation confirming your individual session. Included in the confirmation will
be the scheduled date, time, services provided, and meeting location.

A typical recording session has you and your guests arriving at our conveniently
located recording facility 15 minutes before your scheduled session. Upon your
arrival you will be greeted and introduced to the interviewer who also acts as your
on screen host. Every effort will be made beforehand to ensure your comfort
and ease with the interviewer prior to the beginning of the session. Your host
will be familiarized with your unique circumstances and briefed in advance on
your subject topics or areas that may be a point of sensitivity. Upon completion
your interview will be professionally edited for time, content, and production
values. You will receive your completed production in about ten days in accordance
with your contract. Living Legacy Recordings – Where your family’s history lives on!









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