At Last - The Easy Way To Make Sure Your Audio/Video Setup Is Working Effectively!

Having done A/V installations and system setups for years, we’ve pioneered a Flash™ based system for testing your system’s signals. Our unique system conducts a variety of key video and audio diagnostic testing simply and effectively on your DVD or Blu-ray™ player, MP3 devices, and compact disc players, whether they are stand alone units or on your PC.

Our calibration files can be used for...

• Basic testing (“Do I Have Image & Audio?”)
• Extended video testing for optimal color and picture performance
• Audio testing for signal strength, pan, equalization, and distortion including stereo and 5.1 surround sound.

With these calibration tests you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that your system is running at peak performance.

These test patterns are available for download in MAC and PC versions and come in .wav, .mp3, and .AVI format. All that’s required for you to run these applications is a current version of the Adobe Flash Player. If you don’t have this, it’s available as a free download.

So what’ve you got to lose? Take the guess work out of checking your audio/video system. Experience what others have discovered for themselves. Purchase one today! It doesn’t get any easier. Just follow the directions below.

  1. Download the files
  1. Run Diagnostic Tests 
  1. See and hear your results!

Sample images from the Test Pattern Application

Watch the AV Calibration Test on YouTube:

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Purchase a full access thirty day pass to our AVcalibrationTest gallery. 
In the gallery you can download and use any of our AV calibration tests including the stereo and 5.1 surround tests.

Free Evaluation

Download a Preview Version of the Stereo AVcalibration test below:

Preview AV Calibration Test -
Download PC
(3 MB zip)

Preview AV Calibration Test -
Download MAC
(5 MB sit)